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Shaun Baer Talks About Auditioning for DUDES

Shaun Baer talks about his audition process for DUDES. Find out how he came into the room…

The Guys of DUDES (Trailer #2)

Meet Miles, David, and Tyler, three very different guys navigating love, life, and sex on the other side of thirty.
Catch the premiere of DUDES on April 11, 2014 only at

Shaun Baer Does Oprah! (DUDES)

Andrew ran out of questions, so Shaun did his best Oprah impersonation. Hilarity ensued!

Shaun Baer on Dudes and Gay Life Today

Shaun Baer discusses DUDES and gay life today. What’s it all about? Do you agree?

Shaun Baer On Tyler’s Relationship (DUDES)

Shaun Baer talks about Tyler’s relationship with his boyfriend on DUDES