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Dudes (Teaser)

And you thought girls were dirty…
The main title teaser for DUDES, the hot new web series coming soon to (!
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Dudes: The Sex Appeal Trailer

Check out the short, hot, steamy sex appeal trailer for the hot new web series, Dudes. Catch the pilot on April 11, 2014 at! Don’t miss a second.

Meet Dudes’ Shaun Baer (Tyler)

Meet DUDES’ Shaun Baer (Tyler) in this brief introduction. Check out Shaun in the pilot of DUDES on April 11, 2014 at

Dudes’ Shaun Baer Discusses His Character, Tyler

Shaun Baer discusses his character, Tyler, from the new web series, DUDES

Shaun Baer Talks About Auditioning for DUDES

Shaun Baer talks about his audition process for DUDES. Find out how he came into the room…