May 7, 2015.

DUDES and The Nassau Street Group, Ltd. are looking for a few good people to join the crew in Chicago for Season 2!

If you’re interested in one of the positions below, please email DUDES at dudestheshow*@* All applicants must be Chicago local hires. Successful applicants will be contacted at a late date.

Good luck!

-The DUDES Team


Season 2

Crew Notice

Production Company: The Nassau Street Group, Ltd.

Executive Producer: Andrew Pemberton-Fowler

Director: Brett Emanuel

Producer: Zez Ready


Genre: Comedy


Pre-Production Dates: Now thru July 9, 2015

Production Dates: July 10, 2015 thru August 9, 2015 (15 day shooting schedule)

Pay: Yes; fixed rate per episode.


We’re seeking people who have a great work ethic, are true team players, and love to laugh. At the moment, payment will be deferred. Credit, meals, and transportation will be provided by the production.

We encourage recent graduates to apply!

Please forward all resumes to You must insert the job code in the subject line of your email.

Producer will work with the Executive Producer and our other Producer. The Producer will be responsible for supervising the day-to-day production schedule during production; adhere to the production schedule produced by the Executive Producer; revise daily shooting schedules and call times after every production day; assist the Executive Producer and Producer with casting duties; attend production meetings; help maintain the shot log; liaise between the production team and episodic guest stars; assigning tasks to the Associate Producer, et al. The ideal candidate will be well organized, be able to work on an active set, help keeping production moving along, and have a passion for original web content. (JOB CODE: PRODDUDES2)

Casting Director will be responsible for casting one recurring guest starring role and five guest star roles for Season 2. The ideal candidate will know actors and agencies throughout Chicago and will help get the right actors in to audition for the right roles. The Casting Director will assist the Executive Producer with booking talent and closing all deals. The Casting Director will be needed for three days (May 30 and 31, and June 6). (JOB CODE: CDDUDES2)

Editor will ideally have their own editing system with current software. They will have experience editing a single camera narrative in the vein of Sex and the City and Trophy Wife. The ideal candidate will adhere to the script and shot log while using their best judgment to produce a top notch edit. The candidate will have knowledge of the way Dudes is edited and can successfully edit Season 2 in a comparable manner. (JOB CODE: EDIDUDES2)

Digital Imaging Technician (D.I.T.) will be responsible for combining the raw footage and audio files into working dailies for the editor during (and at the end of) each production day. (JOB CODE: DITDUDES2)

Script Supervisor will be responsible for ensuring the continuity throughout the shooting schedule. It is imperative that the script supervisor: have an eye for detail; feel comfortable speaking up; writing up editor’s notes; and generating necessary production reports. (JOB CODE: SSDUDES2)

Production Assistants will be responsible for working with all areas of production, as assigned by the Associate Producer. Responsibilities include (but are not limited to): picking up meals; helping prepare meals; distributing daily production schedules and call sheets; signing-in talent and crew; driving talent and crew between locations (as needed); picking up items for the various creative departments; logging footage (as needed); assisting the camera and sound departments as needed; supplying additional support to the creative team during production. These positions are ideal for candidates looking to expand their knowledge of the media industry and gain invaluable experience. (JOB CODE: PASDUDES2)

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