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DUDES: Episode 105 “Give In”

DUDES: Episode #105 “Give In” Synopsis: In the Season 1 finale of DUDES, Tyler starts seeing Stephen, an artist, who gives him more than he ever expected. David has a threesome with an ex and his husband, Elias, who winds up going somewhere David never anticipated. Meanwhile, Miles takes a leap into the unknown with a new… Read more »

DUDES: Episode #104 “The Pleasure Paradox”

DUDES: Episode #104 “The Pleasure Paradox” Premiere date: November 14, 2014 Synopsis: After sleeping with a surprising client, Miles is set up with the most unexpected client. Meanwhile, David falls for Lowell, a hot yoga instructor, and Tyler manages to find a release for his sexual frustration. (Note: You must watch the trailer before the… Read more »

DUDES Episode 103 “Maybe, Baby”

DUDES: Episode 103 “Maybe, Baby” Premiere Date: November 8, 2014 Synopsis: David and Miles’ foursome partners, Sam and Durant, give them news that causes a huge ruckus. Meanwhile, Tyler finds trying to date after Jonathan is much trickier than he ever imagined. (Note: You must watch the trailer before the episode in order to access… Read more »

DUDES Episode 102 “Past the Age of Innocence”

DUDES Episode 102 “Past the Age of Innocence” Premiere Date: October 31, 2014 Synopsis: David’s (Ben Burke) newest bed buddy, Hunter (Daniel Stompor), has just turned eighteen and prompts David to evaluate his life. Meanwhile, Tyler (Shaun Baer) meets someone on Grindr with an odd request and Miles (Brian Greer) faces an unpleasant reality. (Note: You… Read more »

DUDES Episode 101 “Have We Come to This?”

DUDES, Episode 101 “Have We Come to This?” is the first episode of the hit gay web series. Synopsis: When Tyler (Shaun Baer) gets the shock of his life, he moves in with his socialite ex-boyfriend, David (Ben Burke), and David’s escort roommate, Miles (Brian Greer).  (Note: You must watch the trailer before the episode in… Read more »