DUDES Episode 101 “Have We Come to This?”

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DUDES, Episode 101 “Have We Come to This?” is the first episode of the hit gay web series.

Synopsis: When Tyler (Shaun Baer) gets the shock of his life, he moves in with his socialite ex-boyfriend, David (Ben Burke), and David’s escort roommate, Miles (Brian Greer).

 (Note: You must watch the trailer before the episode in order to access the full episode. This is not our policy, but that of our hosting company, Vimeo.)


Created by: Andrew Pemberton-Fowler

Shaun Baer (Tyler Linn)

Ben Burke (David Aronson)

Brian Greer (Miles Sullivan)

Guest Starring:

Nick Freed (Jonathan Gorman)

Matthew Sherbach (Alex)

Damian Conrad-Davis (Ray)

John Francisco (Bram)

Produced by: Zez W. Ready

Written by: Andrew Pemberton-Fowler

Directed by: Brett Emanuel

Executive Producer: Andrew Pemberton-Fowler

Cinematography by: Nic Collins

Sound by: Derek O’Rourke

Edited by: Christian Moreno

Casting by: Kelly Parker

Costumes by: Derek Hudson

Post-Production Color Correction by: Heather Hay

Associate Hair and Make-up Artist: Aaron Gomez

Main titles designed by: Mohamed Nazar

Camera Assistant: Rory Cunningham

Production Assistants: Joshua Kaiser and Chris Casey

Dudes was shot on location in Chicago, IL.

Dudes is produced and distributed by The Nassau Street Group, Ltd.

Copyright 2014, The Nassau Street Group, Ltd. All rights reserved.

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